10 Remote Side Jobs That Can Be Done From Home

In today’s digital world, working from home is a real option for many people. It’s not just a dream; it’s a possibility for you too. 

Whether you want to make more money, change your career, or just enjoy working from home, there are many ways to do it. 

In this guide, we’ll show you the legitimate remote side jobs you can do from home, all from the comfort of your favorite spot.

Remote work has changed a lot. It now offers many different jobs that match your skills and interests. These are not just part-time jobs; they can be real careers that let you use your talents and make good money.

legit remote side jobs that can be done from home

You can choose from jobs like freelance writing, helping with online tasks, tutoring, design, and marketing. We’ll explain each job in detail, so you can see which one might be right for you.

Having explored various online side job options, I’ve identified a number of legitimate opportunities. 

Here, you’ll discover a list of these trustworthy online side jobs, as well as where to find available positions.

Legit Remote Side Jobs in 2024 That Pay Well

1. Virtual Assistant 

As a virtual assistant, you can provide administrative support to businesses from the comfort of your home. 

Tasks may include managing emails, scheduling appointments, and handling data entry. 

With flexible hours and the ability to work remotely, it’s an excellent choice for those seeking extra income or a full-time career change. 

Plus, the demand for virtual assistants is on the rise, making it a legitimate side job to consider in 2024.

Here are a few companies that hire remote virtual assistants:

2. Transcriber

This online remote side job involves converting audio or video into written text. Starting a Transcriber role as a side hustle offers flexibility and skill enhancement.

As a transcriber, your primary task involves converting audio or video recordings into written text, which can range from interviews to podcasts and more.

While it’s a great opportunity for language enthusiasts with attention to detail, your income may fluctuate depending on your workload.

As long as you can type quickly and accurately while meeting your deadlines, transcription can be completed at any time and from any place.

To find transcription jobs, check out the following sites:

3. Online Tutoring

Starting online tutoring as a remote side job offers a wealth of benefits and considerations.

College students, teachers, or individuals with expertise in a specific subject can earn income by offering online tutoring services in their spare time.

On the plus side, it allows you to impart knowledge, help students, and earn money from the comfort of your home. The flexible hours suit those with busy schedules.

As a tutor, you’ll need expertise in your chosen subject, patience, and excellent communication skills. Your main tasks include preparing lessons, providing explanations, and assessing students’ progress.

Online tutoring is a rewarding way to share knowledge and contribute to a student’s academic growth, all while enjoying the perks of remote work.

Below, you’ll find some tutoring platforms that can help you generate extra income on the side:

4. Website Tester

Trying out a website tester job as a side gig is a simple way to make some extra money. The good part is, it doesn’t take up much of your time. 

As a website tester, your job is to check websites and share your thoughts on how easy they are to use. 

The feedback often involves capturing a screenshot or creating a video screencast, accompanied by a detailed description. This allows you to report both positive and negative elements based on your user experience.

You need to be detail-oriented and able to explain your ideas clearly. The cool thing is, that you can do this job from home whenever you have time. 

But keep in mind, that the number of jobs might vary, affecting how much you can earn regularly. 

Overall, being a website tester is one of the easy online jobs for students, and work from home moms.

Want to make money with website testing? Check out these legitimate companies:

5. Social Media Management

Freelance social media management is exactly what it sounds like—handling various social media tasks remotely. 

You need to provide your social media services to clients and businesses according to their demands.

So, you’ll need to have a few skills which include proficiency in content creation, social media analytics, and audience engagement are vital. 

The job responsibilities may include crafting engaging posts, scheduling content, and analyzing performance metrics.

While the flexibility of working remotely is a significant perk, the role can be time-intensive, requiring adept handling of both positive and negative online interactions. 

Freelance social media managers typically earn an average hourly rate ranging from $15 to $50 USD. 

While this remote side job is open to anyone, success often depends on a combination of creativity, a deep understanding of social media trends, and effective communication skills to navigate the diverse challenges of this dynamic field.

6. Translator

If you are good with different languages, freelance translation can be a great remote side job you can do from home. You can use your language expertise to create a bilingual side hustle!

To start translating, you need to be really proficient in the languages you’re working with, understand different cultures, and know how to express things naturally.

Your job would involve translating written content like documents or articles, ensuring the meaning stays the same.

The pay can vary, but on average, it’s around $20 to $40 per hour. You don’t necessarily need a language degree – if you understand languages well and are careful, you can give freelance translation a try.

Here are some companies where you can start finding translation jobs:

7. Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading and editing present excellent opportunities for a remote side job if you possess a strong command of English and can accurately identify spelling and grammar mistakes.

Companies or startups hiring freelance proofreaders or editors may require a bachelor’s degree, and typically, you’ll need to pass a proofreading or editing test before taking on projects.

Your responsibilities include checking written content for errors, enhancing sentence structure, and ensuring clarity. The average pay for proofreading and editing varies, usually ranging from $15 to $35 per hour.

Explore these additional job platforms to find proofreading and editing side gigs:

8. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is an in-demand online side hustle you can do from home. It’s like having a flexible side job where you can showcase your creative skills and make some extra money. 

All it takes is a good sense of words and a grasp of grammar basics to kickstart your journey as a freelance writer. You have the potential to provide a variety of writing services spanning various industries, but a great way to begin is by crafting engaging content for websites, blogs, or articles.

The more versatile your writing niches and skills, the better. Freelancers usually make around $40 to $70 per hour, depending on how much experience they have and how tricky the projects are. 

So, if you love writing, give freelance writing a shot and make money writing!

You can visit these freelance writing job boards and start applying for available job positions.

9. Graphic Designer

For this next online side hustle idea, a creative flair and the skills to tackle diverse projects are essential.

Graphic designing offers a broad spectrum of opportunities, which includes tasks such as creating visuals for websites, social media infographics, website design, infographic creation, web development, and user experience design.

This type of freelance work is most suitable for individuals with high creativity and excellent attention to detail. To begin a freelance graphic design journey, focus on building a compelling portfolio, as clients prioritize it over past work experience or professional degrees.

Establishing a blog or creating your profile on platforms like Dribbble to showcase your work is crucial for demonstrating your capabilities to potential clients.

The demand for good design is high, making freelance graphic design a popular and lucrative side job, with average pay ranging from $20 to $50 per hour, depending on experience and project complexity.

If you possess artistic flair and enjoy working with visuals, freelance graphic design can be a flexible career option.

The best online platforms for graphic designers to find work include:

10. SEO Specialist 

An SEO specialist is a person who’s really good at SEO, whether they’re offering advice or doing the work for clients. SEO is super important for businesses because it helps them get noticed on the internet.

Being an SEO specialist is one of the popular remote side jobs today. All you need is a good understanding of how search engines work and some skills in optimizing online content and digital marketing. 

As an SEO specialist, your job is to help websites rank higher in search results. This involves using keywords smartly, fixing website issues, and analyzing data. 

The demand for SEO skills is high, making it a popular side hustle choice. Freelance SEO specialists can earn between $40,000-$60,000 per year (according to Glassdoor), depending on experience.

Earning Extra Income With Remote Side Jobs

In wrapping up, discovering remote side jobs opens up many genuine opportunities to earn extra income right from home. 

As you can see, there are lots of real online side jobs available. But, be cautious! If you find an interesting side hustle, take the time to research the company properly before sharing personal info or accepting a position.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Despite the online scams, you can still find plenty of legit online side jobs to do in your free time.

Remember, earning extra income with legit remote side jobs not only provides financial benefits but also allows for flexibility and convenience in balancing work with your daily life. 

So, dive into the possibilities, discover what suits you best, and embark on the journey of earning extra income from the ease of your home!

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