6 Freelance Writing Niches For 2023 | High Paying Content Types

Are you also struggling to find the most lucrative freelance writing niche that you can choose in 2023? 

To earn money as a freelance writer, you must focus on types of writing niches rather than topics. Finding a suitable niche as a freelance writer is the most powerful way to grow your writing career. 

Here is a list of the Top six high-paying freelance writing niches to specialize in.

Did you know there are many writing jobs you can start from home?

I didn’t know that when I started, though over time, I learned all the types of freelance job types for services and how to find legit writing gigs. 

To help you find the best online writing jobs, I want to share the different types of writing services you can offer. You can pick one or several writing jobs from this list to grow your writing business in 2023.

High Paying Freelance Writing Niches: Top 6 Content Types

1. White paper

A white paper is an informational document circulated by a company or a brand that profoundly explores a specific problem, topic, or solution related to the company. White papers are often used to announce the launch of new products or services to the general public. Finding a freelance writing niche that pays well is quite challenging, but white paper is one of the most legit freelance writing job. 
They are a robust marketing tool shared with the prospect or a customer to educate them on the benefits of buying something. 

White papers are the most famous content type in the technical writing niche. They are long-form writing requiring intense research, organization, and expertise in the subject matter. If White paper writing sounds excellent to you, it could be a lucrative writing niche to start in 2023!

Here is a list of industries that higher the highest number of white paper writers: 

  • Telecom
  • Education
  • SaaS
  • Blockchain 
  • E-commerce
  • Legal

2. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a service (SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the internet– as a service. They use a monthly or yearly subscription model where you pay to use the software hosted at the business and not installed on your computer. 

An excellent example of this is Hubspot, a cloud-based CRM designed to help align sales and marketing teams and optimize your inbound marketing strategy to generate more qualified leads.

Hence, these companies rely solely on content to attract potential customers. Even big companies like Hubspot needs to explain their product and services to potential customer through well-written content like newsletters and website copy. Still, they also need long-form blog posts in tutorials and how-to formats – making this a lucrative freelance writing niche!

high paying writing niche saas content writing


This is a profitable freelance writing niche for 2023! 

While this is a kind of technical writing, as a technical writer, you must present the content in a way that is easily understandable for anyone. 

Type of content you can write as a Freelance SaaS Writer: 

  • Blog posts
  • E-books
  • Long-form Products guides
  • Help Center content
  • Case Studies
  • Video scripts for Youtube Tutorials 
  • How To Guides
  • Product Update Blog Posts
  • Website and landing page copy
  • Roundups 
  • Sales funnels
  • Email newsletters
  • Customer onboarding content

3. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is the most lucrative and high-paying freelance writing niche on the list. The pay is higher than any writing niche. 

As the name suggests, the writer will not get any credit or byline for their writing. That’s why the payment is higher than any other writing niche. 

You could be hired by either individual or business owners who need high-quality written content under their brands. For example, many business owners, solopreneurs, and other professionals aren’t good writers and have no interest in writing the content themselves. Others hire freelance writers or proofreaders to edit and proofread their content. 

Ghostwriters are primarily hired to write books, e-books, long-form blogs, speeches, email newsletters, and more. If you’re comfortable remaining anonymous, then freelance writing could be for you.

4. Technical Writing

Regarding high-paying freelance writing niches, technical writing is always at the top. Companies and start-ups all over are looking for ways to bring their technology to a broad audience– and will pay a technical writer to do this. 

A technical writer creates manuals, software documentation, and product maintenance documents. 

According to the BLS report, the average salary for a tech writer is $78,000 per year, and there will be a 6% increase (as fast as the average) in demand for technical writers between 2021 to 2031. Because it’s so relevant to the tech industry, technical writing is among the most profitable writing niches.

freelance writing niche high paying technical writing


Types of technical writing:

  • White papers and case studies
  • Company documents
  • User manuals
  • Press Release 
  • Help guides
  • Software documentation
  • API Documentation

5. Resumes

A resume writer writes resumes for job applicants with professional formatting, in dept detail about their past experiences, and highlights their skillsets. Everyone needs a stable job, which makes the need for an eye-catching resume. Resume writing can be a great content writing niche for a new freelance writer. 

But many people dont have the skill to draft their resume, and even more, they can be benefited from a freelance resume writer. An experience resume writer can easily modify the outline to the job requirements.

frelance resume writer


6. E-books

E-books or Ghostwriting is the best freelance writing niche to start in 2023. E-books are the most excellent marketing tools solopreneurs, coaches, companies, and large brands use. Many are not professional writers, so they hire ghostwriters to write books for them. E-books are typically published as PDFs and can be a long-form guide of 1500 to 5000 words long.

E-book pricing varies widely and can range from $500 to $5000. It entirely depends upon the client, industry, and research required for the e-book. Most clients pay well because e-books work as the lead magnets for their business. The e-book is free in exchange for the prospect’s email. Then that prospect is placed in the company’s email’s sales funnel or will receive the company’s newsletter. The hope is to build trust and a healthy long-term relationship and convert that prospect into a paying customer. 

Here are some examples of E-books or long-form guides: 

  • Complete guide to google algorithm changes in 2023
  • How to manage your productivity as a freelancer
  • How to find the best freelance writing niche that pays well in 2023 
  • Everything you need to know about freelance writing

You might love this high-paying freelance writing niche if you’re a strong researcher and writer. Typically, this type of writing is focused and informative and focuses on clear, actionable takeaways for the reader.

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