Top 5 Profitable Blog Niches For 2024 (Based On Monthly Income)

Finding the right niche blog is often ignored but needs to be discussed.

If you choose one of the profitable blog niches with too much competition, your blog will be buried by websites with higher domain authority.

So, it would be best if you found a niche that is easily monetizable and has less competition in the blogging world.

The general advice about searching for your perfect blog niche is to narrow down as much as possible, and you’ll find your audience.

And we’ve all heard it and already done it.

But here’s the thing about profitable blog niches: the “effective method” of blogging will differ depending on what stage of your blogging journey.

profitable blog niches that makes money based on real data

First things first, you don’t need to niche down immediately.

When you start a blog, you have no idea who your audience is. You’re not sure what sort of blog posts are doing great because you don’t have stats and numbers to compare with.

So, when you start, you could go broader in blog niche, reevaluate when you have a perfect selection of posts, and then niche down a little bit.

Now the point comes to creating a blog that people recognize and come to when they need it repeatedly because it’s helpful, resourceful, and makes them better in their lives.

To find a blog niche that makes money and generates profit, we need a constant traffic flow. For this, we need to be solving someone’s problem.

I will focus on the top 5 profitable blogging niches for making big money online, which drive massive traffic!

Profitable Blog Niche that Drives Traffic and Makes Money

1. Personal Finance  

Personal finance is a broad blogging category, as you can write about saving money, frugality, budgeting, minimalist lifestyle, and mainly anything around saving and making money.

This niche is helpful because we all need money, and many of us want to generate an extra source of income, spend less, or save more in our day-to-day lives.

Many profitable blogs in the personal finance niche have massive audiences/subscribers.

People want to know how to save money and earn money. Not only that but learning about budgeting is a great skill to have, so you can always build a loyal audience base who will come back for more.

This niche can also be a subcategory of the making money niche or about ways to make extra money with your full-time job.

There are lots of different angles and approaches you can take:

  • Frugality: money-saving tips, using coupons, anti-consumerism…
  • Making extra money: generate an extra source of income, side hustle
  • Taxes: Share information on personal income tax, corporate taxes, tax deductions, tax planning, tax credits, etc.
  • Budgeting: software, motivation, cost-cutting tips…
  • Sharing your budgeting progress is quite familiar with blogs focusing on getting out of debt.

How do finance bloggers make money?

To make money from this blogging niche, you can create workbooks on savings/budgeting, weekly grocery lists, low-cost meal prep recipes, and ebooks, and also create paid courses on how to earn extra income without a huge investment.

Blog income report: The Savvy Couple 

101+ Trending Blog topics in the Personal Finance niche

  1. Simple Hacks to Boost Your Credit Score
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Credit Repair
  3. How To Remove Late Payments from Your Credit Report
  4. The Pros and Cons of Investing in Index Funds
  5. Investing for Beginners 101
  6. How to Start Rental Investing
  7. How to Save for Retirement for Beginners.. 

2. Food

Food blogging is one of the most popular blog niches and has been for quite a while.

If you’re thinking of starting a food blog, you need to figure out which types of recipes are trending and getting higher engagement.

There are many trending blog post topics and micro-niche ideas that you can write about, and recipes and food are something that everyone loves!

You can start writing about specific diet-related recipes – Keto and vegan recipes are at the top on both Google and Pinterest.

You can also write about vegan and keto lifestyles; it can include daily experiences and recipes.

Again, the possibilities are endless with this niche; you could also blog about low-cost, easy, and quick recipes (under 15 or 30 minutes).

So, you need to start with a broad blog niche idea and then analyze your blog posts to see which are doing the best.

You might choose to write about:

  • Home-cooked meals: your family’s traditional recipes or a homemade version of top restaurants’ recipes’
  • Seasonal and healthy food: recipes using seasonal ingredients, budget-friendly meals, healthy meals.
  • Kitchen equipment review: Blog your honest reviews and include affiliate links so readers can easily buy the products.
  • Baking: cupcakes, pancakes, frosted cakes; there is an endless list for baking.

How do food bloggers make money?

The easiest way to make income from a food blogging niche is by using ads or affiliate links to products you use in the kitchen. 

Blog Income Report: Midwest Foodie

Another best and most creative way to make money from this niche is to write ebooks. You can write ebooks like 50 meals under $15, best main course recipes under $10, Quick breakfast recipes, etc. 

Think like you are saving your audience time and money and giving them valuable recipes they can take home.

Trending Blog topics in the Food niche

  1. Easy budget-friendly keto or vegan recipes.
  2. How to cook low oil foods
  3. back to school easy and quick recipes
  4. Energy foods for post-workout sessions
  5. Best outdoor and dining recipes
  6. Energy supplements present in a dish

3. Parenting Blogs

The parenting blog niche is the most profitable blog niche and is evergreen in nature. Families are always looking for people to speak their experiences and truth and let them comfort that they are not alone in some time of crazy life of being a parent. 

A parenting blog is universal because moms and dads are everywhere. Look at it from this angle; several stores have dedicated their products and services to children and newborns. There is a vast range of products for new moms and dads. 

To make your parenting blog stand out, you want a clean angle. You can talk about pregnancy tips and being a new mother.

You can also blog about the stage of parenting and the essential role of parents in nurturing their child, or you could write for a specific group of parents (like older parents or teen parents).

To keep your audience longer, don’t corner your blog by only writing about a specific age!

How do parenting bloggers make money?

Parenting blogs can make you thousands of dollars in less than 1 year.

Another best and easy way to earn money on a parenting blog is through promoting products via ads and affiliate marketing.

You get paid to link and recommend services or products for parents, children, or newborns.

Blog Income Report – Cassies Croggins 

Trending Blog topics in the Parenting niche

  1. Is Co-sleeping good or bad?
  2. Baby Wearing
  3. Breast Feeding 101
  4. Best and healthy Homemade Baby Foods
  5. Sewing Baby Clothes
  6. how to manage work with a newborn baby for Working Mom

Also read: How to start a parenting blog 

4.  Lifestyle 

What is a ‘lifestyle’ niche in blogging? It could be a little confusing if you’re new to blogging.

The biggest misconception with a lifestyle niche is that you can write about whatever you want or blog about your daily life.

Even in the lifestyle niche, you need to solve a problem for a specific audience or pick a range (age group, males or females, teenagers) and write for them to build a loyal audience base.

Lifestyle means writing about a range of interconnected topics for the same type of audience.

For example, you might have a lifestyle blog where you write about easy recipes, motherhood, fashion, and beauty.

The connection is that you’re writing for women in their late 20s or 30s who want to eat healthily and look fabulous while raising young children.

On the other hand, you might start a lifestyle blog targeted at single women that focuses on health and fitness, travel, beauty, and hair.

Or you might have a blog for men aged 20 to 50 about healthy eating, personality, fitness, and music.

While these sub-niches are broader, they are much more specific than just blogging about anything and everything.

Like every other blog niche, what’s going to work is what your audience wants to read.

So, write a couple of blog posts on different lifestyle topics and see which ones are doing the best.

Blog Income Report: fantabulosity

Trending Blog topics in the Lifestyle niche

  1. Doubts every new lifestyle blogger has about _____
  2. Ten favorite shops and their best-selling products (put affiliate links)
  3. Must-have wardrobe staples every girl should have.
  4. Must have hygiene products every girls should carry while traveling 
  5. Shopping guide about local shops with images

5. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are some of the most lucrative and profitable blogging niches. It is a lucrative blogging niche, which means there are lots of blogs that will be competing with you.

Health and fitness are broad topics but are easier to niche down once you know your passion and expertise in certain areas.

You can start with healthy morning and night routines, quick before-and-after workout recipes, the best food for fast recovery, home workouts, and niche down from there.

Health and fitness are extremely essential parts of a human being; you can build a huge audience base in no time.

Though the health and fitness niche does well with traffic, it can be quite tricky to monetize.

But, of course, the easiest way to monetize a health and fitness blog would be to add affiliate links to workout products you use, foods/supplements you use, and so on.

Weight loss, healthy recipes, and ‘short on time’ home workouts are great categories to start with.

Blog Income Report: kath kyle

Trending Blog topics in the Health and Fitness niche

  • Best fitness tracker
  • Fit Bit vs. Apple Watch
  • How to make time for workouts when you don’t have any time?
  • How to make working out a habit?
  • Top Spotify stations to listen to during your workout
  • How to make a custom workout station on Pandora

And that’s all you have: the Top 5 Profitable blog niches that drive traffic and make money. 

Are there any other Profitable blog niches that aren’t on this list that bloggers are making money from?

Absolutely yes.

There is no hard and fast rule when choosing a blog niche, but these are some of the profitable blog niches that will confirm making money. 

The point is to pick a niche that is doing well, you know about, and you see yourself writing about it. Then look at what blog topics are working on and write more.

Or you could spend forever trying to pick the best blogging niche for your blog. Or you could start your blog immediately, and six months or a year from now, you could be making a good amount of money from it. 

I know it sounds really easy, and most things in blogging are not, but when it comes to picking a blog niche, it is!

I hope this article has helped you choose the best blogging niche to make money from your blog.

You may also want to look at our easy list of online business ideas to make money that you can start right away and our article on how to increase your blog traffic.

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