101+ Trending Finance Blog Topics for 2024

Best Finance Blog topics are the foundation of a successful and trustworthy finance blog. 

In today’s time, Personal finance is a very profitable blogging niche, and there is a lot of money to be made through paid courses, blogging, and teaching people about money!  

People are always looking for finance-related content about how to save, invest, and earn extra money. Finding the best finance blog topics that will attract loyal readers is a bit challenging. 

If you’re stuck and don’t know what to write, these trending finance blog ideas will inspire you. This will keep your readers engaged and make your blog lively!

trending finance blog topics

Finance Blog Post Topics & Categories

If you’re looking to write about trending finance topics for your blog, here are a few blog post ideas and finance categories to consider:

  • Personal finance and investing strategies
  • Rise of cryptocurrency and its potential 
  • Benefits and drawbacks of using Robo-advisors 
  • The increasing popularity of side hustles and turning them into profitable businesses 
  • Importance of having a solid financial plan
  • Minimalism trend and its impact on personal finance
  • Banking finance 
  • Loan management 
  • Accounting and taxes 
  • Budgeting and Savings

101+ Best Finance Blog Posts Ideas

Side Hustle: Evergreen Finance Blog Topic    

With the current situation, everyone wants to learn how to make extra money to supplement their monthly expenses. You can start writing about these finance niche ideas on how to make money online, home-based online jobs, and a legit side hustle that makes money in 2024. 

  1. How to Start a side hustle with your 9 to 5 job
  2. Best Online jobs for students 
  3. Top 5 Legit Online Jobs you can do from home
  4. Top 10 places to sell gift cards
  5. Legit stay at home mom jobs 
  6. How to start a blog and make money 
  7. How to make money as a product tester
  8. Work-from-home jobs that pay daily
  9. Great Ways for Teachers to Make Money Online
  10. Get Paid To Watch Videos 
  11. Get Paid to be an Online Test Grader
  12. Ten ways to make money with Pinterest 
  13. Top 10 ways to make money with your car 
  14. Unique Things You Can Rent for Money 
  15. 7 Best Cash Back Apps for 2024

Money Saving Tips: Best Personal Finance Blog Topic

Personal Finance is the most Profitable Blogging Niche in 2024. Everyone wants to save money, but a few people get it right. A lack of understanding of one’s budget can lead to serious debt.

Your audience will love to follow your finance blog if you give them actionable money management tips and how they can build financial security for their family during economic crises. Saving Money Tips is one of the most searched finance blog topics. 

  1. Top 10 Tips for Saving Money on Groceries
  2. Best 5 Money-saving Secrets You have never heard of 
  3. How to lower your monthly bills 
  4. 5 Simple ways to save money 
  5. 5 Genius Ways To Get Free Internet Access At Home 
  6. The Best Time to Buy Appliances On Sale
  7. How to Save Money on Gas Ways To Spend Less Today
  8. 5 Secret Ways to Get FREE Starbucks Gift Cards
  9. 16 Best Alternatives To Cable TV
  10. How to Track Your Expenses
  11. Top 10 Best Apps to save money 
  12. How to save $1000 a month 
  13. How to save money for your next trip 
  14. 52-Week Money Challenge (Save $5000)
  15. 30 Cheap Christmas gift ideas
  16. Cheapest ways to build a house in 2024
  17. 10+ Best Coupon Websites That Will Save You Hundreds

Investing  Ideas

Just saving money will not help you build wealth for your family. If you want your readers to stick with your website for finance-related tips, you need to educate them about investing money and saving money for the future.

You can write about how to start investing, creating passive income, types of investments, and many more.

Some of the best investing money blog topics are:

  1. How to start investing 
  2. Best short and long-term investments 
  3. Top 5 long term investment strategies
  4. How to Invest in the S&P 500
  5. Top 5 best investment apps
  6. Best investment books you should read this year
  7. How to set investing goals 
  8. Best investing podcast 
  9. Best stock trading apps
  10. How To Grow Your Money: Best Investments & Places
  11. Best Investments For Kids: A Better Financial Future
  12. How Much Should You Contribute To Your 401(k)?
  13. How to invest in Bitcoins?
  14. How to cash out your bitcoins 
  15. Best stock market apps for iPhone 
  16. 6 Types of Retirement Plans You Should Know About

Budgeting Tips 

Create blog posts that educate your readers about money management and monthly budgeting and help them minimize spending. You can turn their dream financial goals into reality through monthly budget templates and blog posts, and they’ll become your loyal blog raiders.

You could also blog about essential budgeting tools and resources and more.

  1. How to reach financial freedom
  2. Best money management apps for 2024
  3. Best budgeting tools 
  4. Ten ways to take control over your finances
  5. How to set up emergency funds
  6. How to travel on a budget 
  7. Budgeting: everything you want to know 
  8. How to make a financial planner 
  9. Top 10 budgeting tips for work-from-home moms 
  10. Best Budgeting tips for students 
  11. 20 Budget and Money Hacks You Need to Try in 2024
  12. Tips to stay budget-conscious
  13. The Surprising Benefits of Budgeting You Should Try 
  14. Budgeting Tips and Hacks That Can Save You Money Right Now
  15. Steps to make a budget for your house down payment 
  16. Budget-Friendly Romantic Destinations

Managing Debt

Create posts about how to manage college debt or how to manage debt. These finance blog topics that help your readers overcome debt will attract more blog traffic. Managing debt is the most searched fiance niche topic, as debt is a modern-day burden. 

  1. How to pay off debt
  2. How to get a personal loan approved? 
  3. Best Student Loans for 2024
  4. How to apply for a loan 
  5. How to repay student loans faster
  6. Consolidating Debts And Loans Like A Pro
  7. How to get a debt-free life
  8. Debt management tips 
  9. 10 Finance lessons for students 
  10. Eliminating debt 
  11. What Is Debt Consolidation
  12. What is debt? 
  13. How to manage debt of any size
  14. What is debt forgiveness
  15. How to improve your financial situation 
  16. How to get a personal loan approved

Money Management 

Effective money management is an essential step for achieving financial security and stability. It involves creating a fixed budget for everything, investing (long-term and short-term), saving, paying off debt efficiently, and maximizing your income streams.

You can write about some critical strategies for successful money management, which may include – creating a budget (for different age groups and monthly income), setting financial goals, saving and investing for long terms, and minimizing monthly expenses.

Here are some of the trending Money management blog post ideas you can write: 

  1. How to create a monthly budget and stick to it
  2. The benefits of saving and investing for the long-term and short-term
  3. Top 10 strategies for paying off debt effectively 
  4. Top 5 tips for maximizing credit scores
  5. Insanely easy steps to save money on everyday expenses
  6. How to save for emergency fund
  7. How to set a yearly budget for household expenses
  8. The benefits of having multiple streams of income
  9. Top 10 Money-saving apps you can use for free
  10. Benefits of financial planning and how to get started

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