7 Best Side Hustles | Ideas To Make Extra Money in 2024

A side hustle can significantly increase your monthly income with a time commitment of just a few hours daily.

A legit side hustle can allow you to earn a little bit more to help you achieve your financial goals – maybe it’s paying off debt or saving for something big. 

I’m a huge fan of making more money, and I think everyone should have a side hustle.

Is it Possible to Earn More Money with Side Hustles?

A legit side hustle can help you  

  • It allows you to get an extra $500 into your monthly budget to cover your bills. 
  • It allows you to pursue a hobby you wouldn’t explore with your 9 to 5 job. 
  • It allows you to save for your retirement fund 
  • It will allow you to explore different skills and field
  • You can finish your debt with an extra $2000 to $3000 per month.

Now that you understand the power of side hustle let’s dive into my top side hustle ideas for 2024!

I have reviewed tons of side hustles, and I’ve narrowed them down to the ones with the highest earning potential, growth opportunity, and extreme flexibility.

If you are a student, stay-at-home parent or just looking for some legit ways to earn an extra $500 a month, you might try branded surveys like survey junkie. 

But if you are someone who wants to make an extra $1000 to $3000 per month, keep reading. I’ve compiled the best side hustle ideas; some only need a laptop.

Side Hustle Ideas to Make an Extra $500 a Month

1. Proofreading 

Are you the kind of a person who cringes when someone makes grammatical mistakes or can’t tell the difference between main/ mane/Maine, then proofreading might be the best side hustle job for you. 

Proofreaders are responsible for polishing and rectifying written content for companies, website owners, academics, and more.

Most proofreading or online editing jobs do not require a degree, though some might ask for your experience.

However, once you start online proofreading, you have many opportunities for a legitimate income source. 

Proofreading has become an in-demand and valuable skill, and it’s one of the best side hustles because of its flexibility and growth potential.  

According to salary.com an average salary of a proofreader in the US is around $55,561 per year. 

Learn More: check out our detailed guide about How to beocme a proofreader in 5 simple steps (earn $45/hr)

how much a freelance proofreader make a year

2. Online Tutoring 

After the pandemic, people have started using online resources more than before. If you are a college graduate or a teacher, you can get paid to tutor students online.

Tutoring is among the best side hustles for college students because the hourly pay rates can be high, around $15 to $50/hour.  

The most significant advantage of online tutoring is the convenience, you can set your schedule and number of sessions as you like.

This makes it a great and easy side hustle job for college students.   

If you dont have your own students group, you can always sign up for an online platform to teach students, such as Wyzant, Cambly, or Tutor Ocean Tutors, and get paid $20-$80+/hour, depending on how you price your teaching services.

3. Rent Out Things Online 

If you have a spare room of unused space in your house, you can rent it out on Airbnb or Neighbor.

These platforms connect people with unused space in their houses (attics, basements, and driveways) to renters looking for affordable storage space. 

You can earn a decent rent by renting out a room or space without spending hundreds of dollars on marketing.

4. Get Paid for Research 

Companies need feedback from their targeted demographic to improve their product and services and start new product lines.

If you fit within a certain demographic and are good at research, you can definitely get paid for searching

You can check out Respondent for market research gigs; you can make anywhere from $200 to $500 per hour. 

market research job at respondant.io best side hustle

5. Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is in huge demand right now as most business takes place online. Becoming a virtual assistant can be one of the most profitable, flexible, and best side hustles in 2024. 

You just need a laptop and a stable internet connection to work as a VA. It’s a great side income source for digital nomads or full-time travelers.

To pursue a profitable VA career you need to pick a niche and brush up on your skill sets. You can find tons of free resources to learn in VA networking. It’s a perfect place to learn about virtual assisting, networking with employers, and finding legit gigs.

best wesbsite to find freelance virtual assistant jobs

A Virtual Assistant can provide different types of services like social media management, data entry, answering emails, website management, content uploader, creating content, scheduling meetings and calls, etc. 

You can earn $20-$100 per hour as a Virtual Assistant, and the payment depends on your experience and skill level.

It’s a perfect place to learn about virtual assisting, networking with employers, and finding legit gigs.

6. Transcribe Audio

Getting into online transcription jobs is a good way to start working from home. You just need the right tools and skills to begin transcribing.

A transcriber listens to the audio files and writes what exactly he hears. For this side hustle, you need patience and excellent listening comprehension ability. 

Becoming a transcriber can be the best weekend job for college students to make extra money as you can work in your spare time.

The only limit to how much you can earn from this side gig is how fast you finish your work and how well you listen to audio files. 

Learn More: Check out our list of 9 Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners.

7. Write Resumes

A freelance resume writer specializes in writing extraordinary CVs and resumes for candidates.

You can help job seekers by updating their cover letters and resumes highlighting their best qualities. 

Freelance resume writers who make more money are the ones who have experience in serving a particular industry. Just like a resume writer who writes cover letters or CVs for IT candidates can charge more money than who writes for any industry.

If you want to make more money and grow with this side hustle, pick a niche with high demand, do in-depth research, and build your portfolio according to it.

Remember to collect testimonials from your clients to showcase your work.


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