Easy Freelance Writing Services You Can Offer (As a Beginner!)

You’ve just started your freelance writing career and want to explore some accessible freelance writing services that you can offer other than writing blog posts.

I know there is a vast misconception about freelance writing that you only have to write long-form blog posts and articles.

But content writing is just not limited to websites or blogs. Well, here’s the good news, there are a lot of freelance writing services you can start offering even as a new writer.

As more businesses are getting serious about their online presence and using the internet to expand their growth and customer base, the more they realize they need well-written content.

Whether it’s about blog posts, email outreach, social media ads, landing pages, or product descriptions, they need a freelance writer to do the work for them.

It’s good news for freelance writers!

Here is a list of all the freelance writing services you can offer as a freelance writer that will help you build your portfolio and experience as well as help you expand your income streams.

Types Of Freelance Writing Services You Can Offer

1. Wordpress Content Uploader

Are you WordPress savvy and have hands-on experience running a live Wordpress Blog? Do you have basic HTML knowledge? Can you upload and edit the blog posts and create appealing pinterest feature images?

Then taking charge of a business’s WordPress content and optimization strategy would be right up your alley. Many business owners struggle with Wordpress content optimization and their online presence struggles.

Two years back, when I started my blog (a recipe blog), I applied to various small businesses and startups for Wordpress Blog uploader jobs to fund my blogging expenses.

My responsibility was to develop a content strategy that aligns with marketing targets, develop site content, create and publish engaging content, proofread and improve writers’ posts, optimize content according to Yoast SEO, Insert CTA links, check HTML and primarily oversee the uploading of content on WordPress websites to increase the online presence of the businesses.

These are just a few services you can provide as a Wordpress Content Uploader.

These clients may be time-poor, dont have WordPress knowledge, or dont want to hire a full-time content manager.

This is where you step in and offer your freelance writing services that will take their online presence to another level.

Duties and responsibilities of a Wordpress Content Uploader

It can entirely vary from client to client. A few may only ask you to copy-paste their pre-edited content and remove unwanted HTML tags from the web pages.

Suppose you have solid SEO knowledge and hands-on experience with wordpress sites. In that case, you can entirely handle their Wordpress along with their freelance writer and SEO optimize their web content (image alt text, meta description, on-page SEO, and many more).

WordPress content uploader can be an easy side hustle for a college student who wants to make extra pocket money without investing much time.

2. Proofreading and Editing

I know that proofreading and editing are not technically a type of freelance writing service! But if you are a freelance writer with a meticulous eye for grammar and spelling, why not offer proofreading and editing as a service?

content writer editing copywriting freelance writing niche

You can provide services to many clients, from small businesses who want their web content edited to authors seeking freelancer editors for their e-books or books. 

If you can manage freelance content writing and freelance proofreading simultaneously, it can be the best way to diversify your skills and make extra money as a freelancer. 

Check out Proofreading Services or these job boards for job posts if you want to start freelance proofreading. They upload new job applications regularly. 

3. Product Description Service

Product descriptions may seem like short writing pieces, but when a business is looking to launch a large number of products at once, they may not have time to write them all. 

The product description is different from product landing pages since you need to draft the critical features of the product or services in a short piece of content. 

It involves writing engaging product descriptions that nudge online shoppers’ interest in buying them.

freelance writing services ASUS Zenbook Duo 14 product description

Source: ASUS Zenbook Duo 14

It’s a form of content marketing. Some brands have a dedicated staff writer or team that creates descriptions for all their products.

Small businesses or individuals often find it economical to hire a freelancer writer to outsource pro description.

If you have a knack for turning everyday products into tempting ones, you can help your clients create engaging content and get their services or products to fly high!

4. Social Media Management

Some business heavily depends on their social media and online presence. They need to update and upload content daily, which can be pretty time-consuming for a business owner.

This is where you can offer a content writing service that will elevate their social media accounts.

social media strategy social icons freelance writing service

Most companies would hire freelance content writers to write their social media posts; you may be hired to do a couple more things, such as writing blog posts, editing, proofreading blog posts, and handling social media accounts.

It’s one of the best online jobs for a college student to earn money while still in school. Freelance social media management offers flexible hours, require no transportation, and allows you to gain more skills and experience. 

5. GhostWriting and Ghostposting 

freelance writing services ghost writing a person writing in dark

Ghostwriting is when you are the Ghost Writer- who writes content for a business or a brand and does not get credits for it.

The credit goes to the person or the business you have written the content for. The definition of the ghostwriter states that none of your works are actually credited to you.

And now, you might be thinking, why should you consider starting ghostwriting if you do not get any credit for your work?

Yes, I have been on the same path you are right now!

Let me tell you, ghostwriting is one of the most lucrative freelance jobs other than jobs like blog writing. You can boost your freelance writing business or continue taking ghostwriting gigs to earn more side income.

It’s different from the other freelance writing services; the clients will provide you with all the research materials, so you save time, and you can invest it in yourself (taking online courses to develop more skills!).

Another best part about freelance Ghsotwrting is that when you submit your work to your clients, your job is done if the client is satisfied.

You dont need to promote those blog posts on social media or create email outreaches for your client.

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